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persephoneplace ([personal profile] persephoneplace) wrote2017-04-12 10:51 pm


I made it this far in my week, it is highly likely that I will make it through to the weekend! At this point, an extra day off feels delicious although in my head I have filled it with about 4 days worth of tasks!

Work has been ... intense.

My brain feels a tad wibbly wobbly, no doubt connected to the previous point, although it was about this time last year that I seemed to take a slide.

I registered for a flute exam in August. It is giving my brain something to do besides think about work :)

Boychild turns 9 at the end of the month. I am stunned by that.

Life is good - I am mostly well, and happy and if my job is too intense for my liking sometimes at least it pays me well for it.
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Work has been crazy on my end as well. And about to get crazier - more to report tonight, I suspect!

Good luck plugging through it!
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Ooh, what level of exam?!
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*waves* Brains are funny things. We should have tea. Yes? Yes.
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Congrats on survival :)